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Animation wasn't so bad actually, I liked how you made the stills look like they were breathing. I wish there was more actual frame-by-frame, though. Something to denote moving of limbs, or a person actually talking instead of just a narration.

That being said, I guess I feel lucky to live where I do. This is because, and let me emphasize this, I have nothing at all against gay people. I've had a few gay friends, one close gay friend, but this kind of stuff irritates me. Really in a sort of "uuughhh, ANOTHER video about how LGBT people are also people, I get it already." I understand this video, and most people's videos with similar themes are coming from a setting where there IS hostility toward homosexuality... But I gotta be honest, it's been YEARS since I've even met someone with a genuinely harsh opinion about gay people. The videos all seem so tired and repetitive at this point. I'll just say, I completely agree with everything you've said, don't get me wrong, but where do you live exactly that people are still picking on gay people? Just move to California already, gawd.

IcedFoxPro responds:

I will agree with most of what you said here, however I think I really tried to make it so that this wasn't just another LGBT animation. The target audience for this is actually young teenagers. It's intended as a change of perspective so that we're not "just people". It's a simple message. Love. Everyone. Everywhere.

Also, totally agree with the more movement. I was on a huge time-frame as this is actually a university project.

I think you can tell that I'm from the UK, from the accents, but yes, it is still an issue. I hear at least 5 hateful and uneducated comments on a weekly basis. So for me, it's been a personal issue. No, I don't feel hated and judged. I do feel as though there are still margins of people who simply lack perspective and understanding.

Do agree with you though; thank you so much for your thoughts (:

Buy wards.

Get boobs.

Life lessons.

RetroSleep responds:

It takes some people 4 years at valoran college to learn that.

I'll admit the animation is great, and it's all very well put together. Good job!

But I gotta say, I'm bored of the politics of this subject. I find it hard to believe that any substantial number of people would ever have something this sickening happen to them these days. I mean, I live in Tennessee, not exactly California, and NOBODY I know currently thinks it's wrong to be gay. I'm really wondering where all of this "woe is us" business is originating for gay people. Who outright murders their family's lover because he's gay anymore? I know the whole marriage thing is a hot topic, but that seems more like a... minor annoyance compared to outright murder of this caliber. SO, in review of the actual piece, I think this was WAAAAYY too heavy handed, and while I as an artist appreciate how much time and effort this took to complete, I didn't enjoy it at all. It just made me sick, and not sick feeling bad for gay people, but sick in a "Oh God - another video about how persecuted gay people are, shoot me" kind of way. Not interesting, and, in my humble opinion, ya'll took it way too far.

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Bosses w/ keys too hard

Waaayyyy too hard to beat a boss with the key. You should seriously slow the faces down or something, it took me forever, and I still couldn't beat the third one.



Fun buuuuuut

It is fun, but it gets way too hard, way too fast. I tried a lo, and I can only play for about two or three minutes before it gets too hard to be fun.

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